resnikoffI’ve always been a family kind of guy. So having experienced the magnitude of watching my 2 wonderful children come into the world, i knew early on that i couldn’t afford to miss out on those childhood milestones that really only happen once in their lifetime. You know, the birth & first smiles & coos & teeth & haircut & steps & sports & reading & writing & graduation &, well, you get the picture. Not to mention all the fun stuff in between, like really loud burps and those completely off-the-wall things only a child can say! This is where some of our best footage has come from. Needless to say, i gladly took on the role of ‘designated camera/video buff’ and have been piling up an inordinate amount of footage ever since.

The Missing Link

Baby in TubOne summer day as my wife and i were watching some random video footage of our newborn daughter, it occurred to me: most of the video was just ok at best. I mean don’t get me wrong, I could watch video of my daughter till the break of dawn. It’s just that most of the tape was a bit shaky & included a bunch of ‘filler’ that i wouldn’t necessarily want to share with family or friends. There had to be a better way.

photosThis point was further validated with the thousands of photos we’ve taken. How can we possibly enjoy watching and sharing the countless photos we’ve taken over the years? Digital slideshows are nice, but they all seem to follow the same boring pattern. There had to be a better way.

The Journey Begins

Thus began my journey of ‘bringing my footage to life’ with various editing programs & codecs & formats & FPS & rule of thirds & medium close-up shots & pov shots & panning & lapel mics & compositing & telecine equipment & clips & timelines & titles & transition & effects & renders… I think you get the point (obsessed much?). Over time, the hard work payed off. I was finally able to the match the technical savvy with my creative vision making for a well-rounded video producer. The possibilities of bringing your footage to life are endless.

A Company Is Born

Fast forward to 2009 and your 1-stop multi-media shop is now a reality! We have a growing arsenal of hardware & software designed to preserve, create, & share your precious memories. Thank you for learning about Familyflix. Check out our Facebook Fan Page!

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