All4TheKids 2nd Annual ‘Night Of Giving’

With over 200 in attendance at our 2nd annual gala fundraiser, All4TheKids threw an awesome party all in the name of charity & was able to raise over $7,000 towards clean water accessibility in Africa. We were there & of coarse had our cameras to document the evening.

All4TheKids Recap 2011

Now in their 3rd year of fundraising, All4thekids has a growing list of accomplishments improving the lot of countless childrens' lives. They approached us with an idea to summate the 1st 3 years initiatives along with where & how much the actual monies went. We were all quite pleased with ...

Community Works

As a contributing member of our local communities, we find great enjoyment in giving back. We provide our multi-media services pro-bono to school districts, non-profits, religous organizations, & more. Feel free to contact us with your inquiries.

All4TheKids 2010 Initiative

As the multi-media director of All4TheKids, we have enjoyed making a difference in the world by creating viral videos as well as campaign clips, illuminating their cause & bringing light to the widespread problem of water-borne illness.

All4TheKids Non-Profit X-mas Gift Delivery

As a member of All4TheKids, i've been so blessed to give my time & energy for the benefit of children around the globe. This full-length video offers you an inside look into a beautiful trip delivering X-mas presents to an orphanage in San Vicente, Baja Mex by the name of ...

All4TheKids Inaugural Fundraiser

Here's a video synopsis of the youth-based non-profit All4thekids inaugural fundraiser. The event was a resounding success and supplied over 10,000 anti-malaria mosquito nets to children in Indonesia as well as malaria education. Focusing on action-sports locations around the globe, All4thekids is a 100% volunteer-run organization based in Southern Cal.

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